Break the Account Takeover Kill Chain

Understanding the behaviors, stages and detecting the subtle anomalies of imposters is what’s going to tide your business over when it’s under an account takeover threat. Akamai Technologies have developed this helpful visual guide to explain exactly how to do just that. Download it now.

What exactly occurs amid a cyber-attack? With the kill chain comprising of the high-level workflow or framework that it does, imposters often combine numerous intrusion tools and techniques at various stages to maintain their target.

Excessive login requests, utilising behaviour anomalies, and monitoring risk from every angle is a must. Find out exactly what to expect, how to defend and how to gage the attacker’s reaction at every pique of the kill chain so you can halt it there and then.

In this new infographic, discover how to identify a cyber kill chain credibly and effectively throughout the account takeover as it is happening.

Unlock your complimentary copy from Akamai Technologies now.


Be on Patrol in the Detection Phase
Just like any defense strategy, you’ll need to ensure your security posture is in place from the offset. Learn more in the full infographic.

Steer Ahead on Delivery of Attack
Learn what to expect on attack delivery, how to validate this, what technology can be used to end it and the possible attacker’s reaction.

What to Do When the Takeover is Already Happening
Is it too late when you see a spike in customer reports of accounts being taken over? Download your copy of the infographic to see how to put a stop to the kill chain when the main action is already occurring.



Break the Account Takeover Kill Chain

Akamai Technologies bring you a visual breakdown of how to improve your target identification and ability to defend at each stage of the account takeover attack.

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