Top 10 Considerations for Bot Management

Just like any business tool, the right bot management system can take your business from 0 to 100. Used wrongly, you could be gambling with your time, budget, and security no-end. Luckily for us, Akamai have mapped out their top 10 considerations for selecting the best solution that is bound to get the job done and achieve the results you want and need. Find out more by downloading the full report now.

With automated web robots standing at a huge 30 to 70% of total web traffic, it’s safe to say the role of bot management systems is an expanding one, and an increasingly complicated one at that. As such, the evaluation and comparison process to find the most comprehensive solution may seem daunting.

To make sure you’re getting the best results, it’s integral to bear in mind a multitude of factors. Checking your bot solution’s effectiveness, long-lasting detection for resilient protection, the vendor’s investment in minimizing false positives, flexibility, visibility and reporting competences, and API protection. As well as thinking about what’s the most suitable infrastructure fit for on-premise, cloud or hybrid workplaces, its capabilities to develop and not stump business growth, its ability to add value to a range of different parts of your website, and of course, overall management, is all critical to your business success.

Security and content management specialists, Akamai Technologies, are ready to help you deliver an unmatched digital experience by choosing the bot management system that’s right for you. Download this new eBook to learn more.


Your Solution Must Give Detailed Reporting
All bot management solutions are going to provide high-level statistics on your bot traffic, but you need more granularity to analyze that detail properly in order to support your business. Find out more on why reporting capabilities are vital in the full report.

Flexibility Is Paramount
Does your solution allow you to create different categories for different types of bots? Unlock your complimentary report to discover why this and other questions around flexibility should be accounted for when choosing your bot management solution.

People, Not Just Product
Your management services are just as important as the bot management solution you’re using. But why is it pivotal that your vendor offers the professional expertise and services to connect your bots back to core problems, and not just sell products? Discover more here.



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Top 10 Considerations for Bot Management

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