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Reinventing Loyalty

The New Loyalty Experience

Being an “experience business” means putting customers first. But what happens when your customers and their needs and desires are constantly changing? Digital is the driver of change – it has empowered customers, putting more choice at their fingertips than ever before. It follows, then, that the very concept of loyalty has changed. Businesses can no longer rely on the strength of their product experience alone.

True loyalty is derived from a total brand experience. Brands must be Experience Makers.

This report from Adobe follows a study into consumer behaviour, conducted in association with Goldsmiths University. It explores why loyalty needs to be reinvented and what that new loyalty framework looks like, exploring key ideas such as:

  • The business impact of new loyalty – loyalty is now about an evolving consumer, marketing leaders using new loyalty dimension saw a statistically significant improvement between new loyalty practices and commercial performance of 14%
  • Activating the new loyalty dimensions to create GREAT EXPERIENCES – adapting to a changing consumer and applying a data-driven approach

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