Experience Counts

Exceptional experiences happen at the intersection of data and design.

Reaching distracted customers is more challenging for marketers than ever before.

In order to win over your customers, turn them into repeat customers and brand advocates, you must design and deliver personal experiences that they find relevant, engaging and so addictive that they can’t help but click on your content.

As customer expectations evolve alongside digital capabilities and channels, it’s not enough to offer cool experiences. Now they must be cool personal experiences that anticipate the customer’s needs and desires before they even know about them. This change requires us to think much more broadly about how we use personalisation. Already brands adopting strategies and tools for personalised experience design are gaining a sustainable competitive advantage over brands that aren’t.

From this Adobe guide you will learn:

  • Data-driven design – creating the right customer experiences that lead to increased engagement and revenue
  • Meaningful personalisation, the new normal – being friendly without being frightening, knowing and respecting your customers and becoming a customer-centric organisation with Starbucks
  • Laying the groundwork for exceptional experiences – Transforming your organisation, budget, data science and automation
  • The personal customer experience design cycle – five steps to create serious delight

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