Engaging the New Digital Workforce: A Blueprint from Adobe

Now that the enterprise workforce is predominantly connecting to the system via digital channels, it’s time to reimagine employee communications and connectivity for the modern era. Learn more in Adobe’s new blueprint.

With many employees now working remotely and many others working on-site but at a physical distance, you may have found that your company is in need of a digital communication reboot. If you have, you’re not alone. Whatever happens going forwards, it’s certain that virtual collaboration will be commonplace and digital will sit even more at the heart of how companies operate. And the employee portal will play a central role.

To remain competitive and to give your enterprise the agile edge it needs to succeed, this new age of digital connectivity requires a revolution in the pre-pandemic systems C-suite execs used to reach employees. Whether it’s aging, siloed or on-premise content management systems, or the lack of innovative solutions like digital signage, it’s vital that digital leaders reassess their current systems and build back better. It’s time to bring about a complete gearshift in employee experience. Nobody understands this need better than Adobe.

In this new and innovative blueprint for employee experience, Adobe outlines a clearer way forward for companies and their employee portals. After all, enterprises that in invest in employee experience vastly outperform those that don’t: they generate 2.8x more revenue per employee and are 4.2% more profitable. Download your free copy to unlock the building blocks for a modern employee portal.


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