ActiveOps enable organizations to reduce complexity and achieve competitive advantage from their operations.

Workware (SaaS based software), Active Operations Management (AOM) methodology and supporting services could now be helping your operational teams to become more agile and take advantage of economies of scale and global capacity.

Complementing investments in BPM, RPA and other process improvement initiatives, ActiveOps supports your people to deliver the best possible customer outcomes through a consistent and unique solution to the real-world challenges of managing work and capacity in complex operations.

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Operations Capacity Management

The customer experience you provide is defined by your people. A skilled and engaged team given the opportunity to excel is the key to delighting customers. Providing that opportunity whilst also being efficient means putting precisely the right amount of skilled people’s time in the right place, at the right time.

Operations Performance Insight

Optimising operations performance can be surprisingly difficult. Many organisations struggle to aggregate work received or to fully understand use of their people’s time and performance in terms which support accurate and timely decision making.