Levelling Up for Omnichannel: Overhauling Back-End Systems for True CX

The world of omnichannel isn’t just about opening up your marketing strategy to more avenues – it’s about overhauling your back-end systems to deliver true CX

In today’s world, customers expect brand experiences that are consistent across the entire digital experience. It’s your job as a marketing leader to deliver exactly that, which you can only do with omnichannel.

But omnichannel isn’t just about making your brand open to customers across every channel. It’s about making sure that your back-end systems link up in a way that makes a consistent experience possible. It means transforming your CRM and CMS platforms to accommodate a greater variety of channels and to streamline the experience between every one of them. 

In this new white paper, we look at the practical measures organisations should take to transform their back-end systems and deliver effective omnichannel strategies.

How to increase engagement across every channel 

Discover the importance of delivering consistent experiences across every relevant channel 

How to connect the dots with CRM 

Uncover 5 practical tips for making your CRM omnichannel-ready 

What an effective CMS looks like 

With our 4 areas of focus, deploy a CMS that engages customers with personalisation and a consistent brand