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How Banking Firms Can Migrate to the Cloud – And Win...

Martin Moyers, Business Analyst at Zymr, Inc., outlines the four key areas fuelling cloud migration success in the banking sector. From understanding the cloud to turning strategy into an action plan, accelerate your migration now.

An Executive’s Guide to Risk Management

In a new Guest Spotlight, Ade McCormack outlines how executives should approach risk management now that live in the post-industrial, Silicon Valley era. Main takeaway? Only through experimentation can organisations expect to succeed.

What Makes a Super-Resilient Leader?

Guest writer Ade McCormack examines the traits of the world's most resilient leaders - and showcases a clear mentality for handling future crises.

Five Ways to Protect Staff Wellbeing While Working from Home

Health Assured's CEO, David Price, lays out the top ways to protect your staff's physical and mental wellbeing during remote working in this exclusive guest article for

The Rules of Business Technology Modernization

OC Tanner's CIO, Niel Nickolaisen, reveals the top rules for business technology modernization. From DevOps to target architecture, these are the essential tried-and-tested insights you need to power transformation for your business.

Three Ways to Build a Strong Remote Team

How do you build a strong remote team now that the world has embraced remote working, possibly forever. Citrix outlined three ways to do exactly that and lead your distributed workforce toward a sense of community.

Why HR & IT Are the True Architects of the Post-Covid...

What roles can the HR and IT functions play in fuelling post-Covid recovery in their workplace? In a special guest article, Citrix outlines the crucial projects HR and IT are working on to build a better workplace for their organisations.

Should We Work from Home… Permanently?

The benefits of remote working are changing office culture forever. Citrix examines why three in five remote workers are saying why they'd prefer not to return to the office after the pandemic ends.

The Other Half of the 5G Story: Why 5G Isn’t Just...

In a new look into 5G technology, James Hole from Dell EMC investigates how 5G will transform how entire industries operate. It isn't just about telecoms - it's so much more.