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A new chapter: Traditional workplaces to digital workspaces

A digital page-turner for the modern workplace journey.

Biometrics & digital banking: Bypassing the password

Biometrics is transforming the banking industry, while playing a pivotal role in the success of mobile banking. This report shows how to harness what is an essential tool for winning customers and delivering transformative experiences.

Roadmap to digital-first banking

This report is essential reading for senior executives in mobile application development and delivery (AD&D). View Forrester's 33-criteria evaluation to help you make the right choice with your mobile apps and overall software platform strategy

How AI will transform enterprise mobility

The race is on to incorporate AI into enterprise mobility strategies. Find out where IT leaders are focusing their next-generation efforts.

Welcome to the future of enterprise mobility

Enterprise mobility is essential for organisations wanting to survive and thrive in the Industry 4.0 era. Find out three ways to gain a crucial advantage.

Biometrics: Widening the scope of mobile banking

This white paper is for senior executives exploring biometrics as a way to optimise their customers' mobile experience. Explore best practices, trends and strategic insight about how best to take advantage.

How low code development is solving business needs

Demand for app development will grow five times faster than IT’s ability to deliver. Explore why low code can be the solution to help companies stay ahead

Evolution of enterprise mobility

Want to succeed with enterprise mobility? You need this report. It's overflowing with expert guidance for business leaders, use cases, plus stats and quotes from the likes of Gartner and IDC.

Selecting an enterprise mobile application development platform

The huge rise in demand for enterprise apps is only matched by the huge rise in cyber security risks. Find out how to minimise these risks within your enterprise.