Digital Banking Report: Top 10 Retail Banking Trends and Predictions

This annual publication is critical reading for any senior executive looking to improve their digital, online and mobile products and services. It’s published by Digital Banking Report, provider (20+ years) of unbiased guidance for bank and credit union C-level executives, product managers and marketers.

The report is worth $395.00, but sponsors Kony are offering it to readers on a complimentary basis to qualified individuals.

Following consultation with close to 100 global financial services leaders, the analysis, findings and predictions include:

The ‘platformication’ of banking (page 12)
The inside story of how banks and tech companies are successfully working together to deliver new and innovative solutions for customer experience.

5 critical challenges for banks in 2016 (page 23)
Exclusive insight from James Haycock, MD of Adaptive Labs and co-author of ‘Bye Bye banks?’

– How to remove customer friction (page 24)
Explore your banking customers’ preferred banking channels – on a rating scale from ‘delight’ to ‘annoy’.

– Making Big Data Actionable (page 30)
Uncover how you can use data to understand and serve your customers throughout the financial lifecycle – via the right channels and in the correct context.

– Digital Payments (page 46)
Apple Pay and Android Pay have launched – so what’s holding back customers from adopting mobile payments? Accenture tackles the question – and reveals what banks need to do.

– Technological tipping points (page 60)
From blockchains and AI, to the first transplant of a 3D-printed liver. Learn which innovations are expected to be mainstream by 2025.

– Mining New Talent (page 71)
The popularity of tech and start-up culture poses recruitment challenges for banks. Find out how can firms attract the right talent, and successfully manage the economy’s digital skills shortage.

– Responding to regulatory changes (page 74)
Views from bank CEOs on what will be the main challanges for banks. Plus analysis of how to strike the perfect balance between compliance and innovation.

The most comprehensive analysis of annual projections in the banking industry

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