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AI: Hype vs Reality

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Guests Jerry Kaplan of Stanford University, Oren Etzioni of The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, research fellow Geoffrey Hinton of Google, Hilary Mason of Cloudera, and author Nick Bostrom join host Walter Isaacson and trace the origins of AI, each milestone to date, and reveal how it’s evolving at lightning speed.


In our latest original podcast series from Dell technologies we’re exploring the Hype and Reality of AI and new technologies. Join Walter Isaacson, Jerry Kaplan and Oren Etzioni.

5g is coming

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• How 5G will impact AI applications, self-driving cars, telemedicine and more
• The timeline for 5G rollout and adoption
• How Dell is participating in developing and innovating with 5G

The latest in our original podcast series explores how businesses are readying for the adoption, driving business innovation and differentiating from previous technology.

AI on the Job

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Jessica is joined by emerging technologies guru Dave Graham of Dell Technologies, Raphael Fiorentino of AI investing app Butterwire, Victor Kristof of sports prognostication startup Kickoff AI, Ani Kembhavi of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, and Professor Tuomas Sandholm of Carnegie Mellon University.

Original podcast series-Perspectives, explores the impact of AI on the workforce. Discussing the difference between job augmentation, replacement and the main reason humans fear robots.