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4 Reasons Why Distributed Workforces Are Empowering Companies

Saša Petrović of Citrix joins us once again, this time to lay down his thoughts on the benefits of distributed working and why it's here to stay. Read the full article now to see more of the positive impacts of remote working in 2020.

Consumer Privacy Is on the Rise, But So Are the Opportunities...

Sam Holding of SparkPost returns to for this new guest article. Consumer privacy is now centrestage, but this shouldn’t deter marketers. In fact, it could open new revenue opportunities…

The Miami Tech Surge: The Rise of a New Tech Paradise

The CEO of Intellectsoft, Vlad Vahromovs, shares his thoughts on the tech transformation currently underway in Miami, FL. Read more in our new guest article.

Building Crisis-Proof IT Infrastructure for the Enterprise

Over two months into the coronavirus lockdown, we’re starting to see a clear divide between prepared and unprepared businesses. Some had the necessary infrastructure...

The Future of International Interconnectivity

Omer Wilson talks with AMSIX’s CEO Peter van Burgel around the future of international interconnectivity.

Freedom of Work: A Blueprint for the Future of Work

Innovators Citrix define a new era, the Freedom of Work, in this new and exclusive report on the benefits of remote working and digital workspaces. Download your copy now.

The Right Tools for Remote Working: Working from Home in a...

Damian Hanson of CircleLoop shares his thoughts on how to work from home in a way that promotes wellbeing in this new guest article. Expect insights on using the right tools and more.

Evolution of Knowledge Sharing Using AI: Are Traditional Expert Panels Dead?

Artificial Intelligence is powering a new age of knowledge sharing. But this could spell bad news for expert panels. Graham Mills discusses this in a new guest article.

Introducing the New Standard for File in the Cloud

Dell Technologies' Joe CaraDonna shares his views on the new file standard in the cloud, powered by a new Dell Technologies solution for Google Cloud.