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Some industries rely on it; others are playing catch-up. Whichever camp you're in, it's clear that cloud computing is underpinning much of Industry 4.0. Explore the resources below to find out how.

AI in banking: where next?

Chatbots, apps and on-demand services are now established tools within financial services. Explore how new technology and a raft of new regulations are driving institutions to evolve still further.

Strategic shifts in the enterprise: Why cloud adoption is accelerating now

From ERP and HCI, to security and Zero Trust – discover why these factors are accelerating cloud and digital transformations now. The barriers to enterprise...

Accelerating your cloud journey

By 2020, cloud will reach 60% of all IT infrastructure and 60 to 70% of all software services and technology spending It’s no exaggeration to...

GDPR, MiFiD II and the role of hybrid cloud

How regulations such as MiFiD II and GDPR will affect businesses, and how the hybrid cloud will be crucial to the solution. The clock...