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The Future of Cyber Security: Threats, Solutions and Headlines

A curated webinar series looking at the future of cybersecurity, what’s making headlines for the all the wrong reasons and the best new tech to combat cyber crime., a thought-leadership platform for C-level executives, will be hosting them alongside Top 100 Women in Tech Speaker and industry expert Lisa Forte and an array of guest speakers. This curated content series will delve into the latest technologies, increasingly sophisticated attacks and intuitive security. From the Internet of Things (IoT), to personal data, artificial intelligence and beyond, we’ll explore the challenges and opportunities for IT Security leaders in this new technological landscape. 

Technology companies are invited to sponsor this webinar series. As well as the opportunity to position your organisation as a thought leader in the Cybersecurity space, our exclusive sponsorship opportunity includes a guest speaker slot, targeted lead generation, meeting setting, dual webinar branding, and posta-webinar content creation. Learn more about sponsorship.



Webinar Chair & Presenter

Lisa Forte

Lisa is a winner of the “Top 100 Women In Tech” Award is passionate about cyber security, social engineering and most importantly helping organisations establish effective and lasting cultural change amongst staff. Lisa is also an established keynote speaker and shares her experience around the  the world detailing her stories of social engineering, cyber crime and wargaming.

Lisa has a background was working in counter terrorism intelligence in the U.K and then one of the U.K Police Cyber Crime Units, and her areas of expertise are Social Engineering, OSINT, HUMINT, cyber warfare and the insider threat.


Sample Cyber Themes

5G: Speeding towards vulnerability?

5G is being rolled out everywhere you look, from Switzerland to the states, South Korea to the UK. Early adopters are seeing speeds 3 x faster than 4G, but with increased bandwidth comes increased vulnerability.

With every device, from your car to you refrigerator having access to high-speed connectivity, the end-points for attacks are multiplied. Beyond your household, sectors like healthcare that process more sensitive data, face further risk as they embrace technology.

*Webinar themes can be inflenced and built around by our client’s proposition, messaging and services.

Future privacy, sovereignty and compliance

With the rollout of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) last year, countries and industries across the globe have begun paying their existing data privacy-related regulations close inspection. Organisations and governments alike are focused on better data security and privacy standards to ensure not only the security of consumers but also to punish those who fail to abide by them.

Whilst some proposed approaches focus on protecting end-users through transparency on how their data will be used, increasing encryption and compliance measures, other approaches focus on encryption ‘backdoors’ and greater visibility of individuals data in the name of justice.

We are producing more data than ever, how do we secure ourselves not only against hackers but tech giants who may be monetising our children and governments looking to increase their surveillance?

*Webinar themes can be inflenced and built around by our client’s proposition, messaging and services.

Smarter, Safer IoT

Internet-connected security cameras account for almost 50% Internet of Things (IoT) devices compromised by hackers.  Some IoT devices have vulnerabilities that allow attackers to remotely access or control them from the internet, some have been found to have weak passwords that can’t be changed and in some devices both vulnerabilities have been found.

With an increasingly complex and ever changing threat landscape, how can organisations safeguard IoT devices and the scope of data being generated and collected by them?

*Webinar themes can be inflenced and built around by our client’s proposition, messaging and services.

New Chief in town? Meet the CCO
(Chief Cybercrime Officer)

In the aftermath of the telecommunication giant, TalkTalk’s data breach, UK MPs recommended appointing an officer with day-to-day responsibility for protecting computer systems from attack. Will 2020 see organisations looking to appoint a chief cybercrime officer?

The CCO would be responsible for ensuring that an organisation is cyber-ready, would bear the responsibility for preventing breaches, would take the lead if a breach did occur and provide a robust connection between the board and the rest of the company. How does this role compare to the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), how necessary is the role in an increasing complex threat landscape and will boards buy into it?

*Webinar themes can be inflenced and built around by our client’s proposition, messaging and services.


Webinar Schedule





November 2019

5G: Speeding towards vulnerability?

Lisa Forte & Guest Speaker

Available for sponsorship

December 2019

Future Privacy, Sovereignty and Compliance

Lisa Forte & Guest Speaker

Available for sponsorship

February 2020

Smarter, Safer IoT

Lisa Forte & Guest Speaker

Available for sponsorship

March 2020

New Chief in town? Meet the Chief Cybercrime Officer

Lisa Forte & Guest Speaker

Available for sponsorship

May 2020

Man & Machine: The New Cyber Standard

Lisa Forte & Guest Speaker

Available for sponsorship

June 2020

The Future of Cyber: Topic TBC

Lisa Forte & Guest Speaker

Available for sponsorship

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