The Future of Procurement in the UK Report 2016

The Future of Procurement in the UK Report 2016

Chief Nation, an independent marketing consultancy, worked with SAP Ariba on a survey and report looking at the future of the procurement industry in the UK.

The report looked to uncover the key operational challenges currently facing UK companies’ procurement processes, and wanted to confirm if procurement is becoming more strategic, in the same way that sales, marketing, HR and other functions have. We also looked at how do procurement professionals expect their role to evolve in the future?

Across many organisations in a variety of industries, procurement is changing. Simple project-based transactions, as a back office operation, may have been sufficient in the past. However, fueled by technology, procurement is moving into the operational spotlight. Supplier networks are available via online platforms, for identifying and comparing strengths and weaknesses. Price changes can be instantly analysed using software, for developing purchasing strategies. And the advent of big data has enabled deeper insight into behavioural trends.

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We reached out to over 1,500 leaders in procurement and finance. Their insight, experience and informed answers are contained within the report. On behalf of Chief Nation and SAP Ariba, we thank them for their input, and hope you find the information useful and thought-provoking.