The City of The Hague improves enforcement services with new mobile app

The City of The Hague improves enforcement services with new mobile app

Kony helps The City of The Hague, the seat of the government in The Netherlands, with the successful roll out of a new mobile app to improve its enforcement services process.

The city and national governments recognize the importance of mobile apps in modernizing the delivery of services, and they had previously created several apps for BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices.

By creating the bicycle violation app on the Kony Mobility Platform, they demonstrated they could create and improve apps more quickly, while preserving the flexibility to deliver the same functionality on multiple mobile operating systems.


Customer: The City of The Hague is the seat of parliament and home to the royal family in the Netherlands. Known as the international city of peace and justice, the City of The Hague is a center of international law and home to multiple United Nations institutions.

Challenge: In the City of The Hague, there are 1.1 bicycles for every resident. While bicycles add to the city’s charm, it also means bikes can turn up abandoned, wrecked, or parked illegally. The City of The Hague wanted to improve the administrative process for its bicycle enforcement officers whose workflow still included paper tickets, handwritten notes, and a camera. The City had deployed several previous apps, including one used for automotive parking violations based on the Windows operating system, but they wanted the flexibility to switch between devices or deploy the same functionality to multiple mobile operating systems for future apps.

Solution: The City of The Hague and partner Redora chose the cloud-based Kony Mobility Platform to develop the bicycle enforcement services app.

Benefits: With Kony, The City of the Hague is able to simplify and modernize service delivery and enable greater efficiencies for its bicycle enforcement officers. The new bicycle enforcement mobile app:

  • Streamlines the administrative process and reduces work by 90%
  • Increases speed and quality of officer performance
  • Paperless workflow is convenient and provides standardized documentation of rule enforcement
  • Easy assessment of worker performance enables planning and allocation of resources for the following day
  • Future apps can be delivered faster and with higher quality


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