What GDPR means for HR departments

Change is on the horizon for HR departments throughout the EU and globally. In less than 12 months, The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into effect in the...

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Why it’s time to bank on hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud is allowing banks to harness the power of the cloud while maintaining security, performance and compliance. Here’s how… In an age of big data, few sectors have as much...

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Visualising Schedule ‘Tradesies’

Guest blog: Gregg Gordon, vice president, data science practice group at Kronos Incorporated Gregg Gordon oversees the analytics, data science, and big data focused group at Kronos. Author of Lean Labor: A...

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The transformation of HR

The face of HR has changed more in the past ten years than over any period before. Fifty years ago, unionisation and workforce strikes were common features. The main form...

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Why no one swims in the world most expensive pool

Guest blog: Morris Pentel, Customer Experience Foundation A futurologist and designer of customer experience & customer contact strategy. Morris is a globally recognised professional public speaker and writer on the future of contact new...

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Program execution: an inconvenient truth!

People have ingenious schemes for undermining change programs. But don't be fooled by seemingly "innocent" questions - they are designed to destabilise the legitimacy of the program. Use 3 simple guidelines...

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Digital Asset Management – infographic

Explore how the growth in rich media content is having a major impact on Digital Asset Management (DAM). This infographic, based on a Forrester DAM report, highlights patterns, trends, and...

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Digital Asset Management: A 3-step guide

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is one of those “behind the scenes” solutions which form a firm foundation to modern digital strategies. There are multiple definitions, but at the heart is a...

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Meeting the mobility challenge

A new Gartner survey finds that 42% of enterprises expect to increase spending on mobile app development – by an average of 31%. Spanning the US, EMEA, Latin America and APAC,...

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How to enhance backup monitoring systems

Guest blog: Jason Zhang, Rocket Software. Jason Zhang is the product marketing person for Rocket Software's Backup, Storage, and Cloud solutions. It might surprise you to hear that studies now show that...

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How to best manage your IMS database

Guest blog: Jason Zhang, Rocket Software. Jason Zhang is the product marketing person for Rocket Software’s Backup, Storage, and Cloud solutions. Considering how fast the world of technology is advancing, it is...

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How to keep a tidy backup environment

Guest blog: Amedee Potier, Rocket Software. Amedee Potier joined Rocket Software in 2003 and is currently Senior Director of R&D, where he oversees several Rocket products in the Data Protection space....

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Leverage Geographically Distributed Development

Guest blog: Mike Miranda, Blogger, Rocket Software. Mike Miranda writes about enterprise software and covers products offered by software companies like Rocket Software about topics such as Terminal Emulation, Legacy Modernization, Enterprise...

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Mobility Strategies In Europe

Enterprise mobility is transforming the way we work. Workers can be productive from anywhere at any time. A partnership between Chief Nation and Kony sought to find out what stage companies...

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10 Best Marketing Technologies

Marketers are fast becoming jacks of all trades and masters of all. The latest software platforms and improvements to online communications and automation means that a skilled marketing employee will...

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