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Successful execution rests on making a number of critical “judgement calls” effectively – and relentlessly following through on them. We have helped set up new ventures with Energis, Virgin Mobile, Three and 5 Television and worked on many new business programs with clients like Airwave, Cable & Wireless, Dell, Ericsson, Eircom, O2,, Vodafone, BSkyB, Arqiva and Tele2.

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A tried-and-tested framework, fully customised to your business.

Turnkey Program
Delivery & Rescue

Experienced veterans guaranteeing delivery and rescue of your business-critical programs.

Program Resources

‘Hands on’ strategy execution specialists and straight-thinking management practitioners.

Special Report by Raconteur

Program failure is preventable.
Read our Special Report “Getting with the Program”


Featured Articles

Program execution: an inconvenient truth!

People have ingenious schemes for undermining change programs. But don’t be fooled by seemingly “innocent” questions – they are designed to destabilise the legitimacy of the program. Use 3 simple guidelines for getting the conversation back on track.


Program delivery: is prevention really always better than the cure?

Why companies don’t hire consultants when they need them.
Does this phrase sound familiar? ‘Don’t worry, everything’s going to be fine – we ought to be able to handle this one easily’.


Program delivery – that doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell!

Long-established tactics for managing transformation programs are worn-out and ineffective.
So, give up ‘blind archery’ and discover new approaches to program delivery that make it easier to hit the target.


Featured E-books

The Mentor Edge – An ebook from Mentor Europe

…potent ways we get your company executing strategy. We have developed an insider’s short-cut to execution success that gives you the rules behind the rules, The Mentor Edge.


Are you jumping the gun?

Last time your company ran a business-critical program, how did the management team organise to get the job done? Did they choose an approach – and implement it – before the uniqueness of the work was understood?


Mentor’s ebook – It’s “Deja Vu” all over again

When it comes to managing complex ‘bet the company’ programs, they are only slight differences in the way companies tackle them. The same howlers are repeated again and again.


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