Retail white paper: 6 tips to help reduce costs and boost productivity

Thinner margins. Stronger competition. Increasing legislation. Economic pressure. Higher wage demands. These are just some of the challenges that are driving all organisations to find new ways to reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve compliance.

In this white paper discover how you can improve your competitive advantage and build a high-performance organisation using some simple workforce management strategies.

  • Familiar challenges to large organisations (page 2)
    Explore payroll v budget, per-employee income, unexplained variances
  • Productivity of retail and ‘in the field’ workers (page 4)
    Tackle the problems of inaccurate and fraudulent recording
  • Employee self-service and empowering HR (page 5)
    Gain methods to reduce the time lost on researching and responding to employees’ administrative queries
  • Costs of employee absence (page 6)
    Find out how to deploy an absence management system that increases productivity
  • Using overtime the right way (page 6)
    Discover operational best practices for monitoring key workforce performance indicators while making use of overtime in the best way possible
  • Continuous improvement programmes – Lean and Six Sigma (page 7)
    Decide if you agree that the retail industry should learn from the manufacturing industry rule book