Report for HR leaders at FirstGroup: Great people, great outcomes

How to position your team to succeed in the new world of omni-channel retail

Retail spending continues to rise in the UK, with 60 million customers spending a remarkable £340 billion with retailers each year. But for those in operations, a new set of challenges are clear.

Costs continue to rise, job losses will increase, while retail growth has slowed to 2%. Some retailers have taken drastic short-term measures, which aren’t sustainable long-term. It’s up to operations professionals to help develop a strategy that will enable retailers to survive and thrive. View this report and explore various ways to do exactly that:

New ways to add value and trim costs
Labour represents up to 65% of the typical retailer’s budget. Explore how to make strategic changes to operations and processes, using productivity tools as an alternative to more traditional methods of cost-cutting.

Flexibility and productivity
The importance of building a flexible and engaged team of associates, tips for scheduling that makes the most of team capabilities and fostering a spirit where employees are happy to work on days and at times necessary to meet customer demand.

Reducing staff turnover
Explore the list of factors that are most important to workers, and how to deliver the #1 requirement (hint: it’s not pay-related). Includes a look at operations and policies, and how these are applied and enforced across the whole team.

The role of scheduling
Helping managers simplify workforce-related tasks. From budgeting for time and attendance, to absence issues and task management.

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