Are you making costly hiring mistakes?

Strategies and tools for recruiting and
hiring best-fit employees

As you know, employers want to recruit and hire the best talent in their industry and avoid making costly hiring mistakes. But what if your organisation’s internal processes aren’t set up to support this?

In the current job market, talent is scarce and labour costs are on the rise. From an increasingly competitive global business landscape to changing workforce demographics that are exposing skills gaps, there’s added pressure on employers to source top talent. With a limited pool of candidates, traditional recruiting channels and strategies may no longer yield the necessary talent. This report shows you how to take action:

Key takeaways

The hiring challenge — for employers and applicants
Analysing the challenges that disorganised hiring brings to your company’s internal workings, and the negative impact it has on how applicants and customers view your organisation.

Improving the applicant experience
Explore reasons why organisations that have optimised the applicant experience are reporting the quality of their hires has improved by over 70%. Includes analysis of why getting it right on mobile is so important.

Prescreening saves time and prevents complications
Find out how to narrow the pool of available candidates by eliminating those who do not meet minimum skills and job requirements. Explore how parsing enables searching with keywords and phrases, instead of looking through hundreds of applications.

The onboarding advantage and making smart decisions faster
View ways to promote a paperless environment and reduce routine administrative tasks. Includes a discussion regarding automation, and how it ensures hires get a proper welcome and integration, with their progress mapped from the start.