Employee engagement report: The £60bn question

This report is for workforce management leaders who want to get a true understanding of the challenges, opportunities and costs of staff engagement in UK organisations. It contains the thoughts of the people* who really matter – the HR professionals, Operations/Line of Business managers, and the employees themselves, who deliver the work on the shop floor of UK PLC.

A staggering £60bn is how much UK businesses say they are wasting every year on unnecessary admin and tasks that are not directly related to their employees’ core jobs. Technology – often touted as the cure – is having an impact, but not always a positive one. Of course, treating people as an asset rather than a commodity is essential for true workforce engagement. However, this is often easier said than done, as the findings show. View your report to learn:

  • Main difficulties faced on a daily basis/biggest challenges (page 3)
    Discover the 7 top reasons cited by workers, and how you can lighten the load
  • Complications of everyday working (page 5)
    Explore why people are torn between meeting customer needs and managerial expectations
  • £1,932: The cost of wasted time per employee (page 6)
    Find out what’s impacting on the productivity of businesses
  • Why your greatest asset shouldn’t be a liability (page 8)
    Gain insight into the future generation of on-demand, flexible and mobile employees
  • Bridging the engagement gap (page 9)
    Identify what to do when technology hinders, instead of helps, your workforce
  • Main reasons why employees resign (page 10)
    Find out why pay is way behind engagement and work/life balance

*500 UK companies with more than 600 employees in the Manufacturing (200), Retail (150) and Services including Transport & Logistics (150) sectors were polled.

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