For workforce management leaders:
How to create engagement in a diverse workforce

Technology tools to help you engage and inspire top talent

For today’s organisations to succeed, they must work out how to engage an increasingly diverse workforce. The challenges arise from multiple generations within organisations, increased flexible working, technology making it easier to cross borders. However, leaders must find ways to overcome these challenges to engage, inspire and retain talent.

This report shows you how to make employee engagement part of an ongoing human capital strategy. Explore strategies for aligning all the elements that contribute to the overall employee experience. And discover way to connect employee engagement to your organisation’s financial and operational success.


What’s inside:

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Is your organisation ready to commit to an engagement strategy?
Today’s diverse workforce, with five generations of employees working side by side, challenges employers with a broad range of needs and expectations. Find out how technology can be deployed to help bridge the gaps – from hiring and onboarding, to performance management and scheduling. Includes a look at workflow analysis and improving existing processes.

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How to prioritise the key workforce management areas
Discover ways to get the most value from structuring processes and getting the most value. The guidance applies whether your organisation is automating processes already, or still relying on manual methods.

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How to automate workforce management across regions
Find out how to make sure the use of technology is balanced with a redesign of workforce processes, keeping you consistent and relevant. Includes analysis of the critical elements and standards required, around global processes and roles, configuration, user interface design, integration, change management and user adoption.

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Keys to successful change management
Get a complete action plan for managing change within your workforce. Includes analysis and explanation of 6 essential stages: defining business goals, engaging leadership in the change, identifying behavioural changes required by the project, communication, giving employees the tools to succeed, and then setting up and reinforcing the change.

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