Cyber Crime: Making Law Firms The Hardest Target


Join a carefully selected group of senior executives to discover the latest in cyber security strategies for the legal industry. Hear from former FBI Supervisory Special Agent David Mahon, who will share insight and best practices for increasing IT security. Gain legal-focused guidance on avoiding reputational damage from cyber attacks, assessing and implementing risk mitigation, and developing a comprehensive security program. Guests will also explore ways to prepare for GDPR, secure data, and manage growing pressures from customers and regulators.

Keynote speaker – David Mahon (CenturyLink CSO & ex-FBI agent)

David is responsible for areas such as security strategy, defence, infrastructure, physical security, network fraud and abuse, industrial security, international travel security, threat intelligence, workplace violence prevention, executive protection, investigations.
With the FBI, David was responsible for investigating violations of federal statutes in which the Internet, computer systems and networks were exploited as the targets of terrorist organisations, foreign government sponsored intelligence operations or criminal activities.

Who is attending

CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, Directors and Heads of IT, Security, Transformation, Data, Digital and Infrastructure.

About the venue

One Moorgate Place is a historic Grade II listed building, built in 1890 and hidden in the heart of the City. Enter and enjoy original features redolent of art deco, combined with contemporary style and ambience.

Date & time

Wednesday 11th October, from 8am-10.30am.


Guest Speaker

David Mahon

VP & Chief Security Officer at CenturyLink, former FBI Supervisory Special Agent